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Youngest Competitor in Table Tennis World Championships

The youngest competitor of the world table tennis championships is Ilyas Allanazarov, who is 7 years old, star of the Turkmenistan team and has struggled in the 2016 World Table Tennis Championship.

Seven-year-old Ilyas Allanazarov prepared a hard schedule to become one of the best table-tennis players in the world, while his peers were interested in cartoons and games. This little player, who carries out both his education and his sports work together, could be a very good table tennis player in the following years.

Ilyas, the youngest table-tennis player, who participated in the 2016 World Teams Championship organized in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur, is the fourth player in the Turkmenistan Men’s Team. The player, who was born in 2008, started table tennis in the first month of 2014. Ilyas stays 5 hours at school in weekdays and tries to be a great table-tennis star by training 3 hours between 17:00-20:00  in the evenings. The young player doesn’t use this programme only on Mondays.

Ilyas’s father is Agamvrat Allanazarov, who is  the president of Turkmenistan Table Tennis Federation. Ilyas, who hasn’t played in Kuala Lumpur so far, admires China’s legendary sportsman Zhang Jike. Ilyas, who started to play table tennis at very young ages and constantly improved himself, is the best example for table-tennis enthusiasts. We do not know whether Ilyas will win the table tennis championships, but we really appreciate it.

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