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Why are the Chinese So Good at Table Tennis?

Some people say that the Chinese are so good at table tennis, because of the population of country.

This thought can be true, but it is important to remember development of Europe and decline of China at the beginning of 1990s. In China, the players, who have mental, physical and technique skills are at the highest level. At first some of them were excluded, because they were not playing properly. However, now such players can be chosen for national team. There are many Chinese table- tennis players who have extraordinary skills and work hard. As a result, the best table tennis players appear in China.

Chinese table tennis players develop new techniques regularly. The most notable among them are Wang Hao with his Olympic medal and Ma Lin, the only men’s finalist in the world championship and their “reverse penhold backhand” technique. Historically, penhold players used the same face of the racquet for forehand and backhand strokes. In the 1990s, some Chinese players started using the other side of the racket while playing backhand strokes. Ma Lin started to use this hit as the main stroke and developed it further. Hao made this stroke the strongest backhand hit.

While Europeans were developing the backhand spin stroke, the Chinese developed more the table-top backhand spin stroke. In the 1970s some Europeans, like Klampar, developed this technique, but the Chinese paid more attention than Europeans. Nowadays Chinese players, such as Wang Liqin, Kong Linghui and Zhang Yining are the best table tennis players in the world.

Chinese technique has another secret. Actually, it’s not a secret: The technique is the Chinese. They work on boring basic things for a very long time and they also get in  return for these works. You can hardly see a Chinese player who misses an easy stroke. When Cheng won the 2004 US championship at the age of 46, he said the majority of his opponents were weak.

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