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Top 8 Table Tennis Leagues

Club table tennis leagues are professional leagues with the best players. We’ll share top 8 table Tennis leagues of the world.

Chinese Super League

The Chinese Super League is the strongest league of the table-tennis leagues. In the league which started in October, there are Chinese players and top players of world table tennis. China invites foreign players to the clubs to increase the popularity of the Super League.

German Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is the second strongest table tennis league in the world. The best German table tennis players and international players are in this league. The matches in this league are played with the championship system.

Russian Premier League

Russian Premier League has become more popular in recent years. In this league, besides the top Russian players, a lot of foreign players play. The matches played with the championship system.

French A League

French A league is one of the strongest European leagues. In this league, tournaments played with the championship system.

Austrian Premier Ligi

Austrian Premier League can’t compete with Germany, Russia and France but we can say that it is still a very strong league.

Belgium Super League

Royal Villette Charleroi is one of the most successful European clubs in the league. This team won Championship League 5 times. Belgium League isn’t as strong as before, but we can say that it is still quality.

Italian League

It is too strong and professional table tennis league. The best team of last season was  STERILGARDA TT CASTEL GOFFREDO. The most played player in the team was Leonardo Mutti. The matches in this league end in 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 and 3-3 draws. When a match ends in draw, the players gain 1 point.

Poland League

The matches in the league are played with the championship system. After the regular season is over, play-off matches are played by the first 4 teams.

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