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Table Tennis World Cup 2018

World Team Table Tennis Championship

The far east countries are the leading countries for table tennis sport. Especially, China marked in the 2018 table tennis World Cup. They won gold medals in both men and women category. When we look at the men’s tournament, the Chinese team (Fan Zhendong – Lin Gaouyan – Ma Long – Wang Chuqin – Xu Xin) beat German team (Timo Boll – Ruwen Filus – Patrick Franziska – Dimitrij Ovtcharov – Bastian Steger). The South Korea and Sweden teams sharted the bronze medal for the men’s category in the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championship. On the other hand, when we look at women’s category, we can see Chinese team was also the champion.

The the Chinese team (Chen Meng – Ding Ning – Liu Shiwen – Wang Manyu – Zhu Yuling) beat Japanese team (Hina Hayata – Miu Hirano – Kasumi Ishikawa – Mima Ito – Miyu Nagasaki). The Korea and Hong Kong teams sharted the bronze medal for the women’s category in the 2018 World Team Table Tennis Championship.

Short History

Table tennis is a widely played sports hall. The table tennis game, also known as pingpong, developed in England in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a result of the investigations, it has been determined that more than one million athletes are involved in table tennis sport today. There is an international table tennis federation in order to make table tennis active on the international scene. The international table tennis federation tries to love table tennis to people all over the world by organizing various competitions in many countries. It is also known that the most talented people in this sport are the Chinese.

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