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Table Tennis Legend – Ma Long


China is one of the most important countries for table tennis sport. So, they have a lot of important players. But, we want to mention about a special player. The table tennis legend : Ma Long. With the beginning of 2000s, Chinese players have started to dominate table tennis world. They always win World Championship organizations and always win gold medals in Olympics.

The legend player Ma Long, started table tennis when he was five years old. He learned the basics and fundamentals of the sport. We can say, it was the first steps of a new legend for the table tennis world. During his career, he won World Championship for 9 times (1 time second place, 3 times third place), Olympics gold medal for 3 times and World Cup for 8 times.

Professional Career and Game Style of Ma Long

Certainly the perfect two-winged looper in table tennis background , Ma’s practicing form is the fact of the current procedure of close-range 3rd ball perform . Starting in early his professional career ,his play technique was mostly forehand – oriented , near the top of play with effective forehand loops, just choosing his backhand for managed returns in order to begin the forehand. He yet plays a forehand-oriented pattern, however his backhand is becoming additional regular and steady as his journey has developed.

Ma uses his backhand chiefly to harshly block and drive, and definitely will often loop himself. Rivals are often trapped off guard once he unexpectedly loops with his backhand , which he can do close to the table or far from it . In comparison to when he was a teenager, he is much more assured using his backhand to strike and protect.

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