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Table Tennis Betting and Betting Rules

Table tennis will have to have the right information to make a bet. And we have compiled this right information for you in this article. I hope these rules are fully taken into consideration and you will make your bet accordingly. If you are ready we can begin to describe the table tennis betting and rules.

Table Tennis Betting and Rules

Match Result

Any match on the table tennis ends with the winning of the majority of any odd numbered set. As a result of the normal round of the match, the bets on the winner of the game are considered won. Table tennis competitions; If the match is not completed before the first set is over, bets on the end of the match will be disqualified and returned to all accounts. In the unfinished matches after the completion of the first set, the player declared the winner is regarded as having won the encounter.

Upper / Lower

In tennis matches, the results of these bets are determined by the total number of points the players have won. If the total number is less than the number of bets placed, then the Sub-bets will be won. Otherwise, if the number of games over the given value occurs, the upper bets are won.

If the competition is not completed, evaluation is made according to the following examples.


At the end of the match, the total numbers that the players take during the match, the addition of the specified handicaps before the start of the match, and the winning and losing bets are determined. If the match is not completed, the possible outcomes are taken into consideration and other bets are canceled.

Match Score

In this type of betting, it is necessary to correctly guess the set score or the score that appears at the end of the match. In order for such bets to be evaluated, the encounter must be completed. Bets placed on completion of the match will be deducted from the calculations and bets ongoing will be canceled and returned to the user.

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