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Table Tennis in Asia

Although, the certain date is not known by sport historians, there are some predictions about the first source and first apperance of table tennis in the history.

Despite being a relatively young sport which is more older than basketball and more recent than tennis, the source of table tennis is never known. In the 1920s, ping pong clubs were established all over the world. Because the original name Ping Pong was a registered trademark of the Parker Brothers, the name of the game was changed to table tennis.

In 1926 the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) was established. In the halls, first played fungus balls and scrolls or thin leather covered racquets stretched over burgundy bars were used. For the first time in 1920, rough tires were used on wooden racquets. These were the first hard-padded racquets and were the most used racket until 1950s.

The first world championship was held in London in 1927. From this year until the Second World War, all the championships were under Hungary’s rule. The best players of these times were Hungarian Maria Mednyanszky, who won seven world championships in ladies, and Hungarian Viktor Barna, who was five times world champion.

The Increasing Popularity in Asian Countries

From 1953, the domination of Asian players began. One of the reasons for the sudden emergence of Asian star ping-pong players is the use of sponge tires used by Japanese Horoi Satoh in 1952 for the first time. This new material speeded up the game and allowed players to spin more balls. Asian players developed a form of grip called a “penholder grip” that was held between the thumb and index finger of the racquet stalk. In this grip he used the same face of the racket for every shot. This grip is used by many top international players today.

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