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The Oldest Table Tennis Player of 2018 

In the March 2018 World Ranking of Table Tennis, there were many major changes in the Women’s and Men’s Top 10 list.

As the oldest number one of table tennis, had been German player Timo Boll for a while. He achieved the summit at his 36 on 1 March 2018.

The rangking list had divergent changes among the best players. Timo Boll switch the position with his teammate Dimitrij Ovtcharov in order to prove the top spot belongs them. And Ma Long, who is a professional player with having held the ranking of first for about 64 months, unexpectedly dropped two places through WR.9. Both Timo Boll and Ma Long were prospering in February, yet the reasons of their rises and falls are clearified in February 2017.

New ranking system helped players to keep their points for 12 months except World Championships, which this means that all the players including Ma Long who gained points at Qatar Open in 2017 dropped considerably, notably Ma Long was affected from this new ranking system in a bad way, since he was the firstthere (2250 pts).  Ma Long’s winnings became 1200 pts (300 pts for a win) at the World Team Cup so this was an explicit loss of 1050 points. Hopefully, Timo Boll demonstrated well in the second half of 2017, hence he didn’t lose any points, however, most of the top ten players affected from the new system.

Applaudably, Timo Boll returned the top again after having being the first on the Men’s World Rankings in March 2011. Additionally, Germany made its mark on the matches. Germany became the top of the list of rankings and top of the seeding for the coming Men’s event of Liebherr 2018 World Team Championships.

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