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Major Specialties of Table Tennis

Increasing popularity

Table tennis is one of the most important sport events of the world at the last years. Recognizing this sport will be possible with understanding the major specialties of table tennis. Table tennis, with the simplest expression; with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players, with a net on one side of the table on opposite sides of each other with a small paddle to play the ball back and forth.

When we look at the last years, the popularity of table tennis has been increasing in different countries from different regions of the world. Especially, China, South Korea and Japan are three of the most developing countries in the field of table tennis. There are a lot of investments and supporters in these countries, so many incentives are providing for young ping pong players by strong investors.

Short Background

In the nineteenth century, for the first time in the name of ping-pong, it began to be played on cafes in the UK. In the same century it was seen to be played in India and the Far East, especially in the British colonial period. The game in which different rules were applied during this period was not played in standard tables.

The table tennis is dating back to 1880 has been played and loved in the world in the 1920s. After 1926, the second period was started with the use of lapped tires on the table tennis racquets. In 1880, table tennis was played mostly by the British army, at that time the mushrooms of wine bottles were used as cannons, and the caps of cigar boxes were used as rackets. Nowadays, there are many competitions and competitions among professionals who deal with table tennis.

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