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How to Learn Table Tennis?

A table tennis is a sport that two or four players throw the ball back and forth and it is played on the table which has a net in the middle. Ping-Pong (table tennis) is an indoor sport. Table tennis is also called ping-pong. This sport developed in England in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Learning Table Tennis for Beginners

As you can see from the name of table tennis, it has some rules that are very similar to “tennis” rules. The table tennis is played on a rectangular table, which is hard, flat and usually green or blue in color. Each player has a racket at the table tennis tournaments. The games are played in three or five sets. The first player to reach the number 21 in a set wins. You know that you will serve when you start the game. For the service, the ball has to bounce once in the side of the player using the service and after this it has to cross to the opponent player’s side.

Table tennis gives a lot of skills to the sport players. For instance; deciding quickly, developing mentally, attention, focusing on etc. Almost everyone who plays table tennis sports has own style. If you want to be a good ping-pong player, you have to pay attention to some points in the game. Some of these points are the following:

  • Timing
  • Powerful and right stroke
  • To use spin and power correctly
  • Attention and concentration

There are some stroke terms and varieties like table tennis. One of these is backhand (which is done with outer side of the racket), second one is Forehand (which is done with inner side of the racket), third one is backhand push and fourth is forehand push. The most successful countries in table tennis are the countries in the Asian region (Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan etc.)

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