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Greatest Table Tennis Match

Based on table tennis fans and loyal viewers of this sport one of the greatest table tennis match has to be the game between Xu Xin Malin and Kenta Matsudaira. It was Malin’s last game and the competition was very heated between the players, given the fact that it was Xu Xin Malin’s last match it would’ve been ideal if had his moment of glory back then but unfortunately that wasn’t the case, the match ended with a 4 to 1 score.

It was in the 2013 World Championship, so it is with no doubt that we are talking about the best players out there

Kenta is known for his jaw dropping serves whether it is a regular or a backhand. Malin, the Chinese player who has a Chinese Penhold playing style despite his last defeat is a legend to some and has gained titles such as Maestro Ma lin, defense killer and Ghost Service as well as Penhold God.

On the other hand, Kenta is a Japanese table tennis player, also known as Mr. Tomahawk was praised for winning against his opponent Xu Xin in his final match, creating suspense and excitement to all of the crowd members that were watching making them admire his skills and feel bad about his opponent Xu Xin Malin that he was going to finish off the last game of his career being defeated.

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